Here's the low down: every kid is different, unique from their personalities to their weird fobias and manias. Every kid also has something that makes them challenging for their parents or guardians to deal with, and for that I would like to propose that we normalize the term "special needs" to include all children. While some kids have physical handicaps, we shouldn't treat them any different from non-handicapped kids (except for providing obvious aids like ramps and access to everything they need), but the truth is, we all have struggles in life and not all of them need to be dealt with by years of therapy. Don't get me wrong, therapy is the best if you find the right person and you can afford it!

But what if your kid who is throwing daily tantrums just needs the proper tools to feel secure. I know a kid who hates bright lights, one who hates motor sounds, one who hates loud noises, one who hates tight clothes, one who hates textured food, one who won't vary from a very limited diet, one who can't sit still for meals or homework, one who gets stressed every morning before school, the list goes on. Maybe some are ADHD or on the spectrum, but the truth is, all kids have things that make them tick positively and others not so much. Our job as parents is to figure out what the magic tools are for our kids. Is it a visual timer? Is it a weighted blanket? 

We've compiled is a selection of potential tools that can help you weather the manias and fobias. 

The idea is two-fold.

1. They're weird, find the keys to activate the best version of your special kid.

But also, you're exhausted.

2. You need to find the tools to be the best parent who can cope with the little weirdos and even possibly have a little ME time without feeling the need to drink heavily. Don't forget, you're special, too. 

Special parents for special kids. It's win-win.