Timer Cube

Timer Cube

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All kids need reminders about time and moving their butts, it's the nature of being a child. We use this cube for getting dressed in the morning, for taking turns playing with certain toys (and for limiting the tablet use), as a warning for when they have to start putting away toys or get ready to go, for homework, and our own special family invention: for reminding when it's time to drink water and blow their noses when someone is on the verge of getting sick. This green cube comes in 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes, when you flip it over to the side you want you can see a digital countdown on the base. To stop the alarm simply turn the top to "0" and it will stop. 

It needs 2AA batteries to work. 

Dimensions: 6cm each side.

Weight: 90 grams

Note: This alarm has a series of loud beeps when it goes off. If you have a sound-sensitive special child, this product is probably not a good idea for them.