Weighted Blankets for Adults

Parenting and other Adult Sleep Issues

For an adult, the recommended number of hours of sleep is debatable. Some adults need 8 or more hours a night, some can get by with 5 to 6. Some of us get by on less, but we feel like crap most of the time and yawn through meetings and probably drink a lot of coffee. Most of us get to a certain age and need to pee in the middle of the night at least once. So, if we're lucky, after the pee-run we can get back to sleep easily and get around 8 hours, but split into two parts. Others of us spend 30+ minutes after a wake up trying to get back to sleep. The real key is to ask yourself, "Do I feel well rested?". Adulting sucks for many reasons, but sleep issues get compounded for new moms and parents with multiple kids or kids with special needs. My body somehow took the feedings every 2 hours when my kids were babies as a new rule, and I completely lost the ability to sleep more than 2 hours straight for more than 5 years. It's not normal, but now I'm up to 4-5 hours straight and it feels amazing. But I still feel tired most of the time. 

The Cure for Sleep Issues

Is there an easy fix to cure sleep issues? As our lives get more technical and complex, there are only quick fixes that work short periods of time. I've been through the gambit of sleeping pills and sleep-inducing antidepressants, as well as supplemental melatonin and "relaxing" herbs (for the record, Valerian root is like caffeine for me for some reason). In my case, I'm pretty sure my sleeplessness is mostly in my head, caused by my anxieties and nervous energy. Sometimes I trick myself and pretend I've taken a Lorazepam and that's enough to get me to sleep. Sometimes I'm not such a sucker, though, and lie awake for hours. Also, screen addiction is definitely a factor. Can we agree to turn our phones off 2 hours before bedtime? #damnyounetflix! It's SO HARD TO DO, but it helps your brain get ready for some Delta deep-sleep waves. 

Weighted Blankets for Adults

Being that we are in a social media-online world frenzy most of the time, it's hard to chill out. How can weighted blankets for adults help? First of all, following a healthy diet and getting enough exercise are key to being happy, according to the scientists. And when we are happy, our bodies produce a hearty amount of serotonin and melatonin which help us regulate an adequate sleep cycle. Now, let's assume it's hard for you to keep that healthy balance, but before bed you get a huge hug. That's what a weighted blanket is like, and thus, you can forget about the worries of the day, get your spike in happy and relaxed feelings, and sleep better. You still have to work on YOU and your issues, but weighted blankets will give you a little dose of relief before bed. 

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