Weighted Blankets for Insomnia

Weighted Blankets for Insomnia

I have tried sleeping pills, antidepressants and herbal remedies for years to help fight my recurrent insomnia and sleeping issues, so I was ready to try anything. Pretty much every mom I know has sleeping issues, so I knew I wasn't alone, but I had definitely lost sight of what a normal sleep night is and what a normal day is after a night of rest. I was in a viscous cycle of sleep deprivation, and had been for about seven years. We moms sell ourselves short because we have no option; we have multiple "jobs", too many responsibilities and no time for dwelling. Would weighted blankets work for insomnia? 

Researching Weighted Blankets

I started researching weighted blankets after a friend, a mom of four, said she felt super relaxed when she tried one. She had one for herself and one for her 11-year-old daughter who was prone to anxiety and insomnia. By some strange (not) coincidence, I suddenly started getting ads on my Facebook feed about an article in the Oprah magazine which investigated the health benefits and claims of the heavy blanket trend. It's a great article that looks at the potential uses of weighted blankets for improving sleep due to the contact pressure the blankets provide; something that autistic people, sufferers of PTSD and restless leg syndrome, and people who experience anxiety or insomnia can benefit from. 

Trying a Weighted Blanket

After reading about all the potential benefits weighted blankets can provide, I was convinced I needed to try a weighted blanket, but there were so many on the market and they were all expensive. And then I had to decide between poly-pellet filling versus glass beads, material for the cover, size and weight. I got a little discouraged with all the choices, but I decided I wanted a washable cover since the inner, weighted blanket is not washable. I also liked the idea of glass filling as opposed to plastic. I'll go into more specifics about choosing the right weighted blanket for your needs in another post, but let me say this: even the wrong weight and size of a weighted blanket still made me feel relaxed! It really feels like a full-body hug, which is just the right stuff for making me chill out and fall asleep faster. 

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